Marketing and administrations Job Offer in Abu Dhabi

Publicado el miércoles, 26 de junio de 2019

DREAMS TODAY REAL STATE MANAGEMENT is a real estate company located in Abu Dhabi, United Arabian Emirates. Focused on apartments renting for long and short seasons. 

We are looking for two people to work in this new project. Single people, without familiar attachments. With availability to immediate incorporation

One person based on marketing online and another person based in administration and countability. 

Pay is commensurate with experience and studies of each candidate. 

We offer two options:

Option 1: Accommodation and com missions on each rent or sale contract. 5 days a week, 4 hours per day (20 hours per week)

Option 2: Accommodation, based monthly salary and commissions on each rent or sale contract. 5 days a week, 8 hours per day (40 hours per week) 

Required Knowledge and Abilities:


- Collage degree on Marketing a/o Economics a/o Business a/o Business Management.


- Minimum two years of experience (demonstrable) in Marketing a/o Economics a/o Business a/o Business Management.


- Candidates must be single, without familiar attachments. 

- Candidates must have the ability to manage various situations, arising from the same business, autonomously.

- Candidates must have a sociable and extroverted personality. 

- Candidates must have a sense of responsibility and must comply with the weekly and monthly objectives.

Please avoid sending us your CV if you are not able to work since the 1st of April.

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